Back to School Trend: Sport Chic

Sport chic fashion really saw the light of day a few years ago with the return of basketball. Today, in fact, they do not necessarily rhyme with physical exercise and are now a real everyday accessory. But shoes are not everything! It’s the entire outfit that will define a successful sport chic look.

What is sport chic style?

Sport chic style is simply wearing sporty elements for any occasion such as going to the office or to the evening. Now all brands offer it because it is also suitable for everyone. This trendy men’s clothes fashion is becoming more and more present in everyday life, for its obvious comfort while keeping an elegant touch. The key is to know how to combine the different pieces without making a false note.

The centre-pieces of a sporty chic look

This back to school style promises to be trendy sport chic and not only by wearing sneakers, it would be too simple. This style is much more complex than that, and includes other pieces to remember in order to master it perfectly.

For the top:

  • A matching t-shirt, polo shirt or shirt, forget the mismatch
  • Hooded sweatshirt
  • Jacket or parka or overcoat type jacket
  • A cap

For the bottom:

  • Jogging pants (as long as they are of good quality and well adjusted, so avoid the old jogging that you wear at home)
  • Pleated pants or chinos
  • Best men’s hiking pants

How to combine them and basic rules for a good look?

The rules for dressing sport chic trendy men’s clothes without falling for a mismatched and almost slack look is the wise choice of some accessories. The golden rule is above all to keep a tight-fitting outfit, neither too wide nor too tight, unless you opt for XXL pieces, but you have to have studied well before anything else.

Sport chic is a precise choice of clothing and no more than one or two sport accessories in the outfit to keep it classy. So, avoid the best men’s hiking pants, sweatshirt, cap and sneakers combo. There are a multitude of possible combinations but without overdoing it and following the rules to wear sport chic without a hitch. The detail is important: whether it is the colours chosen or the type of pants, like any style, everything does not match and it is possible to get it wrong quickly. For example, you have to avoid too garish shades with large prints to keep an elegant line. Sober but relaxed are the key words.

Latest trends to adopt this style

A suit with sneakers will not shock anything now, on the contrary. This year, it is the big brands that have shown that sportwear and sport chic are also their cup of tea. And shopping sites know very well which designers to put forward. The white t-shirt, dressed in a suit jacket, also found all its youth. Finally, the chinos, these pants between the suit and the jeans, can be a good ally in the compositions, just like the timeless sailor top. Be careful with the latter however how to associate it.

So, gentlemen, are you also going to try sport chic this fall?

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