Bracelets with birthstones: what are they and why to gift them

We surely all have heard of birthstones, talking with acquaintances, friends and relatives, even if many might not know what they are. Well, birthstones are special elements that are now incredibly common in the world of fashion and jewellery. If you want to find out what birthstones are and how great and nice it can be to give or receive bracelets with birthstones, you just have to delve into the topic and find the right gemstone for you or another person.

What are birthstones

Birthstones are gems linked to a specific month of the year. Each month has, in fact, a specific stone and, therefore, everyone can be associated with a gemstone based on their birth date. They have always been considered a source of energy and protection for people. This is why birthstones have become increasingly popular in the “world” of jewellery. Such stones are capable of therapeutic properties for mind, body and spirit. They are ideal companions to regain inner balance.

According to some beliefs and to what experts say, this type of stone has the ability to work on the character of people, by improving their positive aspects and slowly blunt the negative ones. Thanks to their characteristics, such stones can be considered a precious gift. In addition to have a rich meaning, giving a birthstone means that you had a special thought for the person you are giving it to. Let’s see, month by month, what are the birthstones and their properties.

January, February and March birthstones

If you have decided to give birthstones on a special occasion to those born in January, you should give them a garnet. It’s a stone with a deep red colour that gives those who wear it strength of will, confidence and joy for life. For those born in February the suitable stone is amethyst. Characterized by a purple colour, it indicates honesty and wisdom, spiritual awareness and a lot of courage. Instead, for those born in March, the right stone is aquamarine. In a wonderful variation of blue, it can give mental clarity, calm, honesty and courage.

April, May and June birthstones

Those born in April, May and June have very particular and richer stones, compared to those in the first quarter of the year. Those born in April should receive a diamond, without colour, as it conveys honesty and purity. For those born in May we find emerald, a green gemstone that’s a symbol of friendship and love. And, at last, pearl is the birthstone of June. It’s a symbol of confidence, joy, romance and modesty.

July, August and September birthstones

The birthstone of those born in July is the ruby. With its intense red colour it gives enthusiasm, passion and vital energy. In August, instead, we have the green coloured peridot, a symbol of beauty and mystery, while sapphire is the stone of September. Characterised by a light blue colour, it’s a symbol of trust and friendship.

October, November and December birthstones

Finally, if you want to give a jewel with the birthstone of October you have to choose the opal, a stone that repels evil. The November birthstone, instead, is the topaz: coloured in a variety of yellow and a symbol of wisdom and authority. Zircon is the stone of December: it’s the oldest of all and has a turquoise colour. It encourages the search for the meaning of human existence.

Remember that the choice of these stones is always very personalised and thought out. It certainly represents a brilliant idea to amaze your loved ones!

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