Buying Ballistic Protection? Crucial Things You Should Know

If you are working in a high-risk environment, wearing body armor can help save your life. However, you need to know the right ones to buy to achieve this benefit. There are crucial things you should know when shopping for your body armor if you want to get the right one. So whether it is a tactical vest, masks, boots, hearing protection, and more, you need to know you are making the right choice. Here are crucial things to know when buying body armor.

Level of Threat

When buying your armor, the first thing you should consider to help you select the right one is the level of threat you are facing. Determine when you will need to wear the armor and how much protection you want it to give. The person in the store will ask you about the level of threat to help you select the right piece. If you want protection against bullets, there are specific protective gears meant for that. The armor you pick should protect you from harming yourself or being harmed by external threats.

Choosing the Right Protection

Your armor will only protect you if you wear it. So, always choose the right protection depending on your field of work and ensure you always wear it. It will be worth it to take some time to test armors from different brands and different combinations. Put on every armor you might need and move around to see how comfortable you will be in them. Try out different activities to see if the armor will hinder you from doing certain things.

The Fit

The body armor is meant to cover the areas with vital organs. It should cover the back, front, and sides. The personnel in the store can help you to choose the right fit. So, always make sure you know the right measurements before buying the armor. The protection should not hamper your movement. If it is a belt, it should not interfere with your activities when you bend, squat, or sit. Another crucial thing is to ensure the plates fit well to protect the vital organs. You never know when you will face a threat. You can always get your armor re-assessed if your body weight or dimensions have changed.

NIJ Standards

Body armors are created depending on the threat level. They must then be tested by the National Institute of Justice to check their effectiveness. Therefore, after knowing the level of threat you are facing, you also need to consider the NIJ standards. These standards will help you determine the effectiveness and lifespan of the armor.

The Store

When buying your body armor, whether online or from a physical shop, it is always critical to buy from a well-recognized store. Such stores are authentic and sell high-quality ballistic protections. Furthermore, they have qualified personnel to help you buy the right armor. Therefore, search for the most reputable body armor store around you.


With the increasing level of threats in different fields, it becomes important to wear the right protection. Body armor can set a big difference between life and death. Therefore, always ensure you buy the right one.

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