Considerations for choosing the right women’s slippers

We choose comfortable and comfortable clothes for the home. Household shoes should also be comfortable, durable and beautiful. How to choose women’s slippers and what parameters to focus on when buying? The article contains basic tips for choosing home shoes for the beautiful half of humanity.

What to look for?                                                 

To choose the right women’s slippers, you should focus on several basic parameters:

Season. Summer and winter models are radically different from each other in style and material. For the warm season, choose open slates that are breathable. For winter, faux or natural fur is a good choice.

Model. Indoor women’s slippers come in several varieties: flip flops, slates, closed gym shoes or home ugg boots. Choose those in which you will be most comfortable.

Materials. Pay attention to what the sole of the slippers is made of, the textile/plastic itself or the rubber, whether there is a filler and what is it made of. Be sure to choose high-quality and durable material that will last more than one season.

The size. Warm shoes for women are traditionally chosen one size larger – they are more comfortable to wear on a warm sock, which also takes up space. But for summer models, choose the correct size.

Next, we will consider various options for fillers and materials, their advantages and disadvantages.

What are the features of good slippers?

Household shoes should be soft and comfortable. Avoid models with lugs on the sole – they can press into the heel if you are carelessly moving.

It is better to choose closed models from natural materials – soft slippers allow air to pass through and hence unpleasant odor does not appear. Natural fur is an ideal solution for winter – sheepskin is perfect. Ugg boots made of this material are the warmest version of women’s home shoes.

For winter models, the filler is especially important. Many buyers often hesitate to choose natural or artificial fur. Of course, natural materials are always better, but their price is correspondingly higher.

If you opt for a high-quality artificial alternative, you will not lose in the quality and durability of the chosen model. Faux fur or fillers like padding polyester, holofiber are an excellent competitor to natural fur.

Typical models

The first step is to pay attention to the model of shoes for women. They can be different – open and closed, soft and dense. The selection depends on who they are purchased for and in what season it is planned to be worn. The options are:

Simple, comfortable with a closed toe. These are created from natural materials, can be decorated with prints or small embroidery.

Slippers-animals or felt boots. These are loved by children and adolescents. They are beautiful and original, but still not always practical. The problem is that children don’t always wear them neatly, so they can wear out quickly.

Ballet shoes. Such closed women’s slippers are loved by the fair sex. They are warm and cozy.

Knitted, similar to ugg boots. They are not practical because they have a very flexible sole.

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