Know Everything About Stubby Coolers 

The idea of keeping beer cooler is so old that it dates back to around the 1960s. Alex Lang, a researcher from Australia gets the credit for being the first to design a device specifically to cool beer. Stubby coolers were his invention and they had the best name for it. Many people around the world are still unaware of what stubby holders are. They are also known as ‘beer jackets’, and ‘beer huggies’ and there are no other variations for those terms since they are designed to keep the beverage cool. Moreover, you could also get your personalised and custom stubby coolers from Simply Merchandise Australia. Simply Merchandise offers various promotional products like lanyards, stubby coolers, promotional pens etc. The biggest highlight here is that the promotional product you choose could be customised by adding the company logo, tagline and message. You could order the promotional product in bulk so that you can hand it over to the well-wishers, employees or customers which is a great and cost-effective method of promoting the brand. When people who have received the promotional product use it, other people are exposed to your brand which would make them aware of such a brand. This helps in gaining more customers and increasing brand exposure. Click here to know more.

The word stubby refers to a 375 ml glass bottle although stubbiest holders could accommodate a variety of other bottle sizes as well. People have become very inventive when it comes to stubby holders throughout time. It is now seen as a valuable marketing tool. Some people even have a whole collection of stubby holders.

Do stubby holders work?

Different studies have been conducted which prove that study holders can keep the drinks cold. This is due to the insulation that is provided within the stubby coolers.

A stubby holder is a fabric. It is designed to thermally provide insulation to a beverage container like a bottle or a can. Stubby holders are known in Australia as the term ‘stubby’ is used to describe a bottle of beer. It is also known as can coolers, coolers and koozies.

Study holders can keep their hands from getting cold and the beer from getting warm. It is a thermos for the can of beer or cold drinks that would keep it cold for a longer time. Stubby coolers are made of neoprene which is the material that is used to make a wetsuit. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber that is resistant to water and UV rays, stretchy and one of the only rubbers that could be printed on.

Koozie or a stubby cooler ability to keep your drinks cold by preventing condensation from forming on the can or bottle. Without a stubby cooler, the condensation on the can would warm up from the surrounding air that could warm the beverage within. When you place your drink within a koozie, it can prevent condensation from forming and as a result could keep the drink colder for a long time.

Out of the Box Uses for Stubby Coolers

Most people use stubby coolers in the conventional way which is to keep their cold beverages cold. However, there are different non-conventional uses for stubby coolers.

  •       Packing and Moving

When you are packing glassware, you could put the glasses in stubby holders which would offer to pad and pack the material. It works great and helps in saving space as well.

  •       Protecting fruit

The study cooler would serve as a great fruit holder. It can keep the fruits from bruising. If you carry the fruit in a backpack, Stubby holders would protect it.

  •       Storage

Stubby holders could be great miniature storage bins. They can be used to store light bulbs, makeup pens and so on. A lot of people also use them as pen holders in offices.

  •       Furniture moving pads

This cannot be good for the study holder but it could be placed beneath furniture legs and could be used as moving pads to slide them along to other places.

  •       Stuffed stubby holders

Stubby holders make a great holder for other promotional products like T-shirts. Many events offer stubby holders stuffed with other promotional items.

  •       Tote bag organiser

Most people make use of custom branded stubby holders in tandem with custom branded holders as an organiser.

  •       Electronic device protector

Just like with glass, you could make use of a stubby holder to protect an iPod, mobile phone or other electronic devices when you are travelling.

  •       Motor vehicle beverage holder

Study holders could be used in the cup holder of your car or truck to make the cup holder suitable for your favourite beverage in a bottle or a can.

  •       Soap Caddy

If you stick a suction cup on the back of a stubby holder, you could use it as a soap holder in the shower.

Benefits of handing out promotional stubby coolers to your customers

Promotional stubby coolers are ideal gifts for all types of customers. They are not just useful for travellers but are also useful to people who spend long hours in the office or anywhere outside the home. The coolers are multipurpose. They come in different shapes. When you provide a promotional stubby cooler or a branded one to any of your customers, you could build a strong association with them. The coolest succeed where many other advertising strategies fail. This is because the stubby coolers are useful in the lives of many people. A promotional stubby cooler could be designed in different forms. Most popular ones include models like a can cooler, beer bottle cooler, wine bottle cooler, Champagne bottle cooler, milk packet cooler and many more. Depending on the interest of your customers, you can select the stubby cooler and pack them as a special gift during festival season or on any special occasion.

Printed study corners are unparalleled promotional products. They can be used for any kind of promotional activities or corporate events like seminars, conferences and so on where the high profile customers would be invited. They would be surprised to get a custom gift like a stubby cooler from you. The gift could be very useful during summer.

Promotional stubby coolers could be imprinted in different ways. The bottle-shaped coolers could be printed exactly like a bottle print where the name of the brand and its logo would be printed as the label of the bottle. One who carries such a cooler would attract the attention of the public and would showcase the item wherever he goes. The brand that is printed on the bottle carriers would gain the attention of common people naturally. In this way, the brand can gain popularity and become known among customers.

Some stuffy coolers are available in carrying bags. They would be equipped with long straps that would be worn around the shoulders. Many of the travelling clients prefer to use such comfortable cooler bags when they go out. They are convenient to carry and keep the beverage fresh along with them throughout the journey. With a lot of utility features, stubby cooler bags are great corporate gifts for customers.

Wedding favours in the form of stubby coolers

Unique wedding gifts could increase the value of a wedding. The guests would like to keep gifts as a memento of the occasion. Stubby holders have become very popular as wedding favours as they desire something different to remember their big day. Stubby holders may be personalised with the couple’s picture, wedding date and other wedding-related information. For complementing the wedding colour scheme, you could customise the cooler to contain a thank you note from the bride and groom. Hence, if you are looking for valuable and sentimental wedding presents, you could consider stubby holders as they could be an excellent idea.

Available in a wide range of Hues

You might match the colour scheme of your business with custom stubby holders or go all out and get one in every colour. Sublimation printing is used on printed stubby holders to keep the logo from peeling or fading. Other than pleasing the customers and prospects, adding stubby holders as part of your promotional tactic would keep you at the front of their thoughts every time they take a sip out of the beverage kept within the stubby cooler.

 Enhanced convenience

The great applicability of stubby coolers as a promotional item could be of great advantage. People make use of stubby coolers quite often. You are providing the customers with a promotional item they would constantly use when you are giving them a stubby cooler. You could utilise the product both indoors as well as outdoors. Therefore, they would be seen by a larger audience.

If you buy a box of stubby promotional holders with the company logo and phrases on them, you are not spending a lot of money. They are a great method to connect with your customers and people in your community. When you look at it from a psychological standpoint, people associate your firm with the activities around the event such as cool, refreshing and good times come to mind when they think of you and your business.

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