Leather Holsters: Types and other details.

Holsters are gun cases with belts to wrap around a particular area of the body or a vehicle. There are numerous types of holsters out of which some of them are the most common ones. The differences of these leather holsters differ on the basis of their tying area, designs and materials etc. Different leather holsters provide different levels of comfort. There are also different holsters for popular types of guns such as a 1911 leather holster or a Colt 45 leather holster.

The eight main types of holsters are shoulder holster, inside and outside of the waistband holster, pocket holster, ankle holster, belly band holster, paddle type holster and thigh holster.

  1. Shoulder holsters-

These are the famous ‘James Bond’ holsters. The popular Hollywood character made this holster one of the most known of all. It is basically a ‘tie on shoulder’ holster where the person has to wrap it around ribs and shoulder area. The belts are placed between the arm and the torso.

  1. Inside the waistband holster-

This is where the person has to tie it within the waistband keeping it either behind the main belt or the pants. It also comes in the form of a clip-like object. Pros of this holster include high comfort, easily removable and easily manageable.

On one hand there are some good pros of this type of holster but on the other hand, it can prove to be uncomfortable sometimes. When used for a longer period of time, these holsters don’t provide comfort. Sometimes a person has to wear a larger size clothing to wear this holster. This can create uneasiness for the person.

  1. Outside the waistband holster-

Paddle holsters and outside the waistband holsters are almost similar. The main difference between the two is the carrying area. Outside the waistband holster has a much more covered and lesser area of the gun space which makes it easier to wear a jacket. It not only provides comfort but also becomes one of the fastest gun drawers to keep around.

  1. Pocket holster-

A pocket holster is as per the name, a holster designed in the shape of a pocket. It is easily accessible and convenient. Although there are many pros of having a holster as short as a pocket, there are cons too.

A pocket holster cannot hold larger guns. Some pocket holsters are unable to hold 1911 guns too. Therefore, if you are looking for a larger holster, go for some other kind.

  1. Paddle holster-

Paddle holsters are named after the common paddles of a boat. It is because the design of these holsters are like paddles. It is a flexible holster which is attached to your waistband.

  1. Ankle holster-

As simple as it sounds, an ankle leather holster has to be attached near your ankle. It is small and convenient to handle. Like pocket holsters, these holsters can not hold larger guns as well. But these are still a great choice for handguns.

  1. Thigh holster-

A thigh holster has to be worn near the thigh area. It is thin and light to carry so that the person can easily move.This holster is made for short handguns as well. It cannot carry larger guns.

  1. Belly Band Holster-

Belly band holsters generally wraps around the belly. These holsters are similar to waistbands and flexible.


The above text elaborates upon different types of leather holsters including the ones that are worn on different parts of the body. All the holsters have their own pros and cons which are also stated. Differences of these holsters also come from their material and level of comfort including the level of easiness. Lastly, the size of the guns also decide the size of the holster sometimes which has been stated too.

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