Missing the Dutch food while staying abroad? Problem solved!

The Dutch people are known for their typical, delicious foods. If you are Dutch, then you must crave a ‘kroket’ or some ‘drop’ when you’re away. Or maybe you have just visited The Netherlands sometime and tasted something great there or someone introduced you to specific candies or snacks. Whatever your link to the Dutch food might be, these delicious Dutch snacks are by no means available everywhere. Do not worry though! Dutch Expat Shop is an enormous online Dutch store that has over 27000 different Dutch and Belgium products in their assortment. Whatever Dutch or Belgium snacks you are craving, the Dutch Expat Shop is able to bring it to you anywhere in the world!

All the Dutch supermarkets at one place
Whatever Dutch food you would like, Dutch Expat Shop has it in their shelves. It’s like shopping at the Jumbo, Albert Heijn or Delhaize all over again. The web shop has more than 2000 different brands. The prices are great, and they promise to deliver your goodies at the best possible delivery rates they can get. Whether you are in China, America or France. With the Dutch Expat Shop, the Jumbo or Albert Heijn is always around the corner with Dutch Expat Shop as your new favorite Dutch Store.

Missing your favorite beer?
 We can imagine that you have tried all kinds of beers while abroad. Still, sometimes it can be so nice to drink your old familiar Dutch or Belgian beer. Also for beer you can visit the Dutch Expat Shop. This way, you will never have to drink without your favorite beer again.

Surprise your surroundings

When you are abroad, chances are you have bumped into some people from the same country. How nice it is to give your fellow Dutchman or Belgian a surprise packet. In that package, you put all kinds of different typical drinks and food from ‘home’. We bet that this gift will be very much appreciated, and the recipient will very happy with it. You can put some stroopwafels and some dutch beers in for example. Start filling up your surprise package by visiting the Dutch Expat Shop en take a look around at the 27000 products they have in store for you!

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