Questions to Ask Your Clients Before Any Web Design Project

In a world of website design, dealing with customers who don’t know what they want can be a real challenge. You may be thinking about what questions to ask a client for graphic design and if you find yourself struggling, it is possible you haven’t asked the correct questions. Client input is a very vital part as you need their perspective on the project. Therefore, asking the right questions to the client and getting the needed answers is very important for the project to be completed faster and the client to be happy and satisfied. Here are some of the questions you ask for a web design project.

  • Learn more about your client’s business

There are so many types of questions that you could ask and some are essential to the project. Ask questions concerning logo design and others for general branding as well as if your client is a small business owner then these questions will be of great help. What clients are looking for is a totally different question, but you as a designer can come close to delivering their expectations.

  • Ask why they want this project

Why this may feel like a silly question, having your client tell you why they want it clears up the purpose of the assignment. The better the explain the clearer the objective becomes. Due to graphic design and marketing projects, the design goal could change overnight, especially if the design hasn’t started. By asking your client what the goal is, he now knows that you have started working on it and is less likely to change the design.

  • Do you want to use any existing brand color or do you have a color in mind?

Colour plays a critical role in graphic design, especially when it comes to designing a logo. Colour represents emotions, a brand’s company values, and what the brand does. You would expect a surf shop to have a lot of blue in their designs and an organic brand to have a lot of green. Color theory and Brand association are the keys to evoking emotions in customers and the first thing you see when you interact with something is important. Brands may need to think about their colors and message for their marketing and content to be more effective.

  • Describe what sets your business apart?

For example, the company may be trying to display speedy service or a new form of payment or more – so adding an element that represents this is crucial for the brand. If a company strongly values customer satisfaction then that should echo within the design.

  • What are your target demographics?

As a web design service, you need to check the target audience for your client and create graphic and image mood boards for the same to capture their attention and emotions. Depending on your location and audience the client may be looking for warm colors, different images, and more. Target demographics are very important as you will be creating that project based on what your clients need.

Final Tips,

There is a lot of information that goes into your eCommerce website development every time you work with a new client and a new set of questions you need to ask. Your time is a valuable factor so don’t let an interview feel like an interrogation, find the right balance of graphic design questions for clients, and add a few visual examples so that you can supply them with a decisive and unique design to meet their goals and ensure that your client is happy overall.

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