Quilted jackets are at the top in 2021 – how should you style it?

Quilted jacket fans and fashionistas all over the globe – the quilted jacket is back, and it’s more fashionable than ever! It has made its way onto the street fashion scene with a bang, becoming probably the hottest choice of jacket right now. It seems like this trend is here to stay. So, let’s look at which types of women’s quilted jackets are at the top in 2021 and how you could style it.

Lightweight designs

Usually, jackets could be divided into two groups – heavy or light and thin. For the quilted jacket trend, it’s definitely the latter group that dominates the fashion landscape right now. The quilted jacket that’s selling like hotcakes right now is always lightweight, often made from thindown fabrics. They’re lightly padded, which makes them a perfect, comfortable choice for mild weather.

Opt-in for neutral colours

Looking at the assortment of quilted jackets in stores, fashion boutiques and e-shops, the colour scheme is very similar across the board. A black quilted women’s jacket is easy to find, and the same applies for white, grey, beige and other, cold or neutral tones. Choosing one of these colours will make your quilted jacket more versatile, easy to match with most other colours you could have in your wardrobe.

Quilted jackets for different body shapes

You will easily find fashion magazines showcasing quilted jackets for women of all shapes and sizes. Because many in this time of the year are lightweight, they add a lot of elegance, whilst maintaining the casual feel about them – complementing absolutely every woman’s shape. Lightweight quilted jackets allow you to remain warm and cosy, without getting too hot, and, let’s be honest, sweaty. They offer great protection from spring breezes or mild colds.

All black styles

When it comes to wearing a black quilted jacket, you can see many women rocking all-black. Combining a dark jacket with black or dark grey jeans as well as dark shoes definitely makes for a mysterious and memorable look. Nevertheless, it’s also a possibility to rock a contrasting outfit where the bottom and under layers are white, cream or beige, to slightly tone down the overwhelmingly black colour palette.


Since quilted jackets came back with a bang in 2021, it’s only natural to see more and more of them in people’s wardrobes and as a part of their daily outfits. It’s an item that will likely not go out of fashion soon, so you should not hesitate to get one now. Most buyers and designers prefer lightweight designs and more neutral colours, but you can always add more colour an contrast in how you match it with the rest of your wardrobe. Remember that a quilted jacket fits all shapes and sizes and is great for the unpredictable spring weather!

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