The 5 Biggest Mistakes You’ll Make When Shopping For Sports Clothing

Athleisure and activewear have grown from functional outfits for sports, to essential clothing for your everyday lives. And for a good reason. Well-chosen sportswear is versatile, comfortable, and might be used even outside the gym.

This popularity means there are many individuals buying activewear for the first time and may not be aware of common pitfalls that lead them to make expensive mistakes, like the following:

1.  Choosing The Wrong Fabrics

When choosing an activewear piece, you may make a costly mistake if you go for the wrong fabric. Most people go for cotton and other similar fabrics because it is comfortable. However, as much as cotton is a comfortable option to wear every day, or as a casual outfit, it can be a disaster when used in sportswear. Rather than going for cotton, it would be best to choose sportswear like a seamless crop top made of a mix of polyamide, polyester and elastane, which is stretchy and has a high sweat-wicking property.

  1. Not Going For a Good Sports Bra Top

A sports bra is an essential piece of activewear that every woman should have in her closet. They offer a lot of support and keep everything in place, which is especially helpful if you have large breasts. Additionally, sports bras can be helpful if you have a larger body type and feel self-conscious about your stomach. A quality ribbed sports bra top can be your best partner from morning to evening and you can wear it both at the gym and throughout your other daily activities.

  1. Assuming Or Guessing The Size

Guessing the size instead of taking enough time to pull out the measuring tape before you click and buy might be very risky. Even if you have bought from a certain brand before, sizing may vary from one product to one another within the brand. Not to mention that your body can change in size and shape over time as you modify your diet, age, or go through milestones, such as pregnancy.

You shouldn’t underestimate the size charts, whether you want to buy ribbed workout leggings, tops, or bras. Spend a few minutes to measure your chest, waist, and hip to ensure you go for the right size.

4.      Buying From Non-Reliable Retailers

Nowadays, many retailers have started delving into the world of sportswear and are providing them at a low price. Non-reliable retailers tend to prioritize appearance more than performance since their demographic doesn’t comprise serious athletes.

No matter if you are looking for ribbed bike shorts or a simple top, it’s best to choose a retailer which produces high quality garments and has a long tradition in the sportswear field such as Lilias Active.

5.      Wearing a Wrong Design

When experts say wrong designs they don’t mean patterns, color, and other fashion elements. Rather the design is pointed towards specific styles, which might not be perfect when it comes to the type of your body. For instance, in case you have a large bottom, you can be more comfortable with high-waist leggings than regular ones.

Final Remarks!

Shopping for sportswear might be fun, even when you are not an expert in fashion. From matching styles and patterns to picking the right fit for sports and trying out different sportswear, there are TV shows and magazines all devoted to guiding you in avoiding most of these costly mistakes.

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