Top 6 Trending Colour Combinations in Salwar Suits

The most versatile ethnic apparel, a salwar kameez makes you look your fashionable best effortlessly! While a saree is considered to be the go-to choice of attire for grand celebrations like weddings, parties, and festivals, salwar suits have replaced it as the preferred choice of ethnic wear due to their comfort and ease of wearing and styling. This ensemble is offered in a wide array of simple and magnificent designs that are ideal for various occasions.

Apart from the designs, colours also play a huge role in amplifying the charm of your salwar kameez. These days, a lot of women are ditching monochrome outfits and are opting for dual-toned salwar suits instead. A well-matched colour combination adds more elegance to your attire and helps you stand out from the crowd!

Following are the top 6 trending colour combinations in salwar suits that you’ll surely love:

  • Pink and Green

Perfect for daytime wedding functions and outdoor summer parties, Pink and Green salwar suits radiate spring-fresh vibes. The calming nature of pink beautifully complements the vibrant energy of green in this alluring ensemble. This sublime colour combination works best on women with a dainty frame and a light complexion.

  • Red and White

Make a stunning entry at the wedding venue by adorning a classic Red and White salwar kameez! A fantastic substitute for a saree, salwar suits in this colour combination strike the right balance between minimalism and grandeur. The boldness of red and the simplicity of white exudes a timeless charm and transforms you into the picture of pure grace!

  • Yellow and Black

A marvellous Yellow and Black salwar suit helps you display your distinct sense of style! The charming brightness of yellow wonderfully offsets the understated elegance of black in this incredible outfit. This colour combination suits all women equally regardless of their skin tone or body shape, and it is currently a big trend in kurtis online as well.

  • Orange and Brown

A unique colour combination, Orange and Brown salwar suits are for those ladies who love to go off the grid and experiment with their style! Designs like block prints and embroidery look divine on these resplendent suits and make you look striking. A suitable option for curvy ladies, the deep and intense shades in this ensemble lend you a slimmer appearance.

  • Peach and Purple

Flaunt your love for soothing pastel hues by going for a lovely Peach and Purple salwar kameez! This exquisite colour combination is truly a pleasant sight for sore eyes. Representing the beautiful hues of nature, these stunning salwar suits help you cast a magical spell on everyone around you.

  • Blue and Pink

This is the ultimate colour combination in salwar suits that every woman should try out. Whether you prefer light blue or deep blue, either shade goes well with a delightful pop of pink! The richness of blue and the softness of pink present a harmonious blend that you cannot help but admire!

These trending colour combinations of salwar suits can also be found in sarees online. Whatever your choice of ethnic garment, the right colour combination can elevate your look from ordinary to extraordinary in no time!

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