Unique Home Decor for Indoors

Enjoy our great collection of unique home accents featuring Contemporary, Art Deco, Gothic, Medieval, Renaissance, Classical, Egyptian, Asian, African, Native American, Victorian, Italian and Greek styling’s.

Check out our selection of online pokies in australia and a unique wall decor from the contemporary to the whimsical. Also for your walls are beautiful mirrors, unusual clocks and stained glass panels (these will add instant color to any room). So as not to be unfair to some of our products that come in both a hang-on-the-wall version and a “you can’t hang this on a wall” model, we note that we have vanity mirrors and mantle clocks too.

If you hang new things on your walls you should know that your tables and shelves will get upset if you ignore them. You will notice a subtle change and every time you go into the room you may hear a soft sigh coming from your coffee table. * To avoid this, get some things for your tables and shelves too. Things like lamps, candle holders, vases and urns all of which we happen to carry.

We are always adding to our collection so please check back, especially if you are looking for high-quality but affordable art reproductions because we will be adding new ones.

Indoor statues are another thing that will make your home happy. You can find a great selection of these in our “Statues” section.

*Yes – the opposite is true. If you get something for your tables or shelves your walls will be angry unless you get something new for them too.

Garden Fountains/Indoor Fountains

Enjoy the serenity of the music of the water as cascades through our garden fountains. Great for a front entryway or a backyard. Our fountains are works of art and our large fountains are spectacular works of art.

Eco-Friendly Gifts and Decor

Go Green with our eco-friendly line of gifts and home decor products made of a revolutionary compound called Compo Clay. It took over six years to develop Compo Clay and it was well worth the wait. Compo Clay is composed of all-natural materials including mineral compounds, sea salt, water, and sand. It has been awarded the Eco-Products Award. Compo Clay is ecological, safe, durable, and versatile for design. As you can see from our products they can be processed to look like stone, wood and even metal without impacting the environment. We will be adding new products as Compo Clay’s product line expands so please check back. We are excited about offering these unique, eco-friendly products.

Here are some attributes of CompoClay:

VOCs emission-free

  • Formaldehyde emission-free
  • Clean product life cycle (won the Eco-Products Award)
  • Composed of natural & abundant materials
  • Non-energy intensive manufacturing process (60-80% less than ceramic)
  • Non-combustible
  • No smoke developed upon fire
  • Heavy metal free
  • Asbestos free
  • High resistance to moisture
  • High resistance to UV radiation
  • High resistance to mold, insects, & termitesHand Cast Brass Bookends/ Decorative BookendsHere is our great selection of unique decorative bookends for gifts, homes, offices or zar online casino games. We have over 80 brass bookends that are hand cast in precise bronze molds and have nickel and bronze plating finished with an antique stain. Our non-brass bookends are made of high-quality designer resin which also produces unbelievable detail. Here you will find knights, dragons and animals among other things.

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