Which Piano For Beginners Choose?

Yes, hands and feet are directly linked in many disciplines, particularly on the piano from music stores in sacramento ca area for example.

Yes, it is not uncommon for musical instruments to involve a certain coordination of several body members: the guitar, for example, and its chord sequences which require you to handle both hands at the same time and with the same speed, the same skill.

On the same principle, a piano is perfect for working on musical coordination!

Indeed, it is recommended that apprentice pianists use their feet to improve their piano practice: with the right foot, we will operate the right pedal.

The latter is used to lengthen the sound of the notes and chords played. It is, therefore, ideal for playing particular notes: whole notes and half notes. What do you want to perform at the concert, right?

In addition, with the left foot, the student creates a rhythmic lair by beating time to stay “square” in the tempo. It can be difficult at times, especially at the beginning, but rest assured: with a good piano teacher, but also with determination, patience, and a good dose of passion, you should get there without the slightest problem.

Finally, playing the piano from music exchange for example well is important for the body to have good posture: if the shoulders are bent forward, it won’t work. They should be pulled back, straight, and aligned with the sacrum to have good breathing during play.

Because yes, let’s emphasize that breathing is important when you want to play the piano in an interesting… and intelligent way. Having a regular and adapted breath allows you to make the most of your game and stimulate concentration and memory.

Ask your piano coach, and he will tell you. Through regular exercise, you should get the hang of it.

As for the hands, it’s not just about pressing the keys: the wrists must be perpendicular to the keyboard, and the fingers must be slightly bent to play with the fingertips. The hands are, therefore, slightly suspended above the keyboard.

A bit as if they were floating in the air, ready to touch everything in their path — except that it will not be a question of touching with your finger, but rather of pressing the keys and giving the best sound possible. But practicing the piano does not only allow good coordination, far from it. Playing the piano, and improving your level, allows you to surpass your previous abilities, to feel a sense of success and to gain self-confidence. And let’s not forget that trust is one of the foundations of our peaceful life. In this way, the practice of music, of an instrument, and in this case the piano, allows you to rise.

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