Why Should You Wear a Bow Tie

Have you ever put on a suit and opened up your drawer or closet and get frustrated trying to make a decision on what would give you a different look. Sometimes a necktie just does not give you the look you want but you don’t want to look formal wearing a bow tie either. So, you change clothes several times trying on different outfits. While some prefer to wear a necktie all the time, a casual look can be complimented even more so by choosing to wear a bow tie. Yes, I am sure there may be some reluctance to wearing a bow tie casually; however, bow ties is a trend that has changed the way they are worn outside of being formal.

A bow tie has become a versatile accessory that can work for weddings, conferences, and formal events. They can be worn to the workplace or on a date night. In short, there is no occasion that a bow tie cannot cover. That is why men must have a little space in their wardrobe for bow ties. Here are reasons why:

They are in Fashion

If you think bow ties are just a trend for your parents, think again. There is no doubt they were popular in previous years on older distinguished gentlemen, but a lot of fashion forward thinkers have changed the way bow ties are worn. There is now a charm that accompanies wearing bow ties that have far exceeded the way they are received. They not only work for formal and black-tie events but can also be extended to more casual settings.

Bow ties sprung into fashion and has yet to have gone away. As a matter of fact, they are becoming more popular than wearing ties (imagine that)! With bold shirts and formal or casual suits, you cannot go wrong with adding a bow tie. 

Size Does Not Matter

Wearing a regular necktie has its limited abilities on being different. Bow ties give you a flair because you can get them in different sizes. If you are a tall man with a large neck you can buy a bow tie proportionate to it so it will not make it look like you are being choked. Alternately, if you have a skinny neck, you can opt for a smaller size that will accentuate your neck. No need spending time at an event uncomfortable because you lack the appropriate size. And since you can adjust most bow ties, you can wear them regardless of  size, shape, and body type.

It Brings Variety

Aren’t you bored to wear the same-old ties to work or to events? Change is never a bad thing and especially when it comes to fashion. Changing your wardrobe appearance had a way of being mysterious, charming, and unpredictable (which is pretty much fashion). Wearing a bow tie can certainly do this for you. When you decide to wear a bow tie, you are actually introducing variety to your outfit. 

If you’re thinking about bringing a little variety to your accessory wardrobe, consider wearing a necktie and bow tie on alternate days. It will spice up your style and make you more visible (after all, people recognize change more than do seeing the same thing day in and day out). 

Easy to “Tie”

Because most bow ties come self-tied, there is little muster with learning how to actually tie one. This means that you will not have to spend as much time tying it up every morning. You can just pick it up, tie it around your neck, and adjust it (if necessary depending on the thickness of the collar). This will certainly  keep you from arriving late for the office or tying while walking to the office from the car..

Makes You Standout

Another interesting feature that a bow tie offers is the uniqueness that comes with it. A lot of guys don’t wear bow ties. This is because they wear neckties a lot, and the thought of trying a bow tie puts them outside of their comfort zone. This is why you can rest assured that there won’t be a lot of people wearing a bow tie at any event (unless it is a black tie, in which most men there will have a bow tie on with their tuxedos.

Want to be noticed. A bow tie has a unique way of attracting people to your face. If you are in a room full of ties, you will always stand out from everyone else in the room. And you never know, you could be remembered as ‘the bow tie guy’. It’s certainly better than to go unnoticed the whole event.

After knowing these reasons to wear a bow tie, you understand why you should venture out and try it if you had not. And if you only wear a bow tie formally, you should consider wearing one informally (perhaps a date night). There is nothing wrong with switching it up a bit. It can enhance your personality and allow you to embrace change.

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