A guide to mens summer clothes

The Ultimate Guide Tomens Summer Fashion

Summertime is here which means, Fun parties, trips to the lake with your friends, vacations with family, and simply just lounging around. So how do you make your summer fashion be posh and in style? Depending on where you live, it’s most likely hot. You are going to want to wear as little as possible. Put the sweats up in the closet for fall and wintertime. We are going to explore the perfect guide for that summertime outfit for multiple occasions.

Pool parties, BBQs, and beach days.

Summertime is like national pool party and BBQ season. We most likely are going to have a lot of invites this summer rather it’s a backyard event or a bonfire at the beach you want to look your best. We have a few different options for your clothing options. 

  • Mens tank tops– If you are looking for a casual feel, tank tops are going to be your best bet. Tank tops are usually light and breathable. And you can choose from so many different colors and styles and they are easy to accessorize because you can choose a plain tank top and add your own effects to it. If you are planning to be in the sun, make sure that you take your tank top off periodically to reduce tan lines. 
  • Shorts- Summertime is shorts time. Some men don’t like shorts because they think showing their legs is weird. It isn’t and shorts are stylish. Typically you are going to want your shorts just right above the knee. You do not want too much thigh showing. Or if you do, there are shorts for that. You should choose your shorts according to the type of shirt you are wearing. If you are in polo or button up, you are most likely going to want to wear a khaki type of short. There are several different styles of shorts that you are able to choose from. You can either choose the khaki style short as we mentioned, Jean shorts are trendy during the summer. These would go perfectly with a button up style shirt. Chinos are also another popular option if you are trying to go for the up dress casual look. Chinos are perfect for backyard events or daytime events in public. 
  • Sandals or shoes? When deciding what shoes to pair your outfit with, we recommend basing it on where your going to be. Suppose you are planning a beach day; you most likely going to want to take a pair of sandals or even Birkenstocks. Birkenstocks are a more dressed up sandal that is making a massive come back right now. If you are going to go with the shoe option we recommend either a low top shoe or a dressier shoes like loafers. 
  • Light jacket- You might think we’re crazy to suggest a jacket, but during summer nights, it can get chilly, especially if your by the water. Your summer jacket should be lite. You do not want to dress like it’s freezing. Also men quick tip girls get colder much easier than us. Bring a jacket anyway in case a cute single girl needs one!

A night out 

If you are planning to go out at all this summer, which we are sure you are going to want to go out stylish. Here are a few tips for you.

  • Chinos- Chinos have replaced your typical blue jean. The material feels so much better they have a much better fit, and you can find them in different styles and colors. Your chinos are perfect for a night out on the town or even for day wear. They are also pretty stylish with most shoes. Remember, versatility is vital.
  • Collared shirts- Collared shirts are making a come back. They are stylish, and if the fit is right can really accentuate your muscles. A collared shirt goes really well with chinos and shorts. You should pair it with a low top shoe. 

Summer accessories

Accessories for summer are a must not only can they make your outfit look even better but some of the accessories we are going to mention are essential. Lets start with 

  • Sunglasses- The most critical accessory has to be your sunglasses. You do not want the sun in your eyes and them also for some reason can make you look a little better. Make sure that you find a pair of sunglasses that fit your face. 
  • Small wallet- With all the going out and about during the summer you do not want to have to carry around a bulky wallet. Look into getting a cardholder. Perfect for just your credit cards and ID’s and they are small so they will fit in your pocket. And way less chance of being pickpocketed. 

We hope this was helpful to you in regards to your summer outfit. Have fun this summer and make amazing memories. You will look back and be happy that you did. 

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