Cool Floats for Your Pool

Summertime is a time for family, friends, outdoor activities, adventures, and time in the pool. Whether you have a neighborhood pool, a pool in your backyard, or just go on vacation to go swimming, everyone loves to spend time in the water over the summer. And while just swimming back and forth can be entertaining, healthy exercise, sometimes it can just be more relaxing to float around on top of the water, soaking up all the sun’s rays and basking in the warmth without having to jump all the way into the pool. When you think of the pool, maybe the first thing that comes to mind is jumping in, making the biggest cannonball you can and splashing all your friends, but sometimes you just want to float around on a cool pool float and just relax.

Picking Your Cool New Float

Just like anything else in the modern technological age we live in, shopping for pool floats can seem daunting. Google it, and you will meet approximately one hundred eight million different results claiming to relate to pool floats, several of which are paid ads for prices from as low as $3.50 going all the way up to a whopping $652. Not only can this come across as annoying, it can be patently difficult to navigate all the options and pick one that supports your lifestyle, your personality, and your budget all at once.
There are plenty of good websites to choose from, but the best, like the one linked above, offer a wide variety of sizes, colors, and patterns, in addition to supporting your lifestyle and providing products that are ethically sourced.

How do You Ethically Source a Pool Float?

In modern America, living an ethically responsible life can be extremely difficult. For example, the products we buy, the food we consume, and the clothing we wear is often not ethically produced, not sustainable, and does not fully support the people responsible for creating it. Finding a company that cares about their footprint, cares about their employees, and cares about the world they are creating for the future is incredibly rare but also very important to living responsibly. However, it is possible, even when you are shopping for something as random as pool floats. Even though pool floats are made with a majority of plastics, many also contain AZO dyes (synthetic colorants that have been linked to carcinogens), harmful phthalates (common plasticizers in textile printing linked to cancers and adult obesity), and other harmful ingredients like lead-tainted pigments.
Companies like the one above create really cool floats that do not harm the environment, do not take advantage of the workforce, and do not cause lasting negative effects. All their materials are independently tested to ensure they’re free of any and all harmful chemicals, and their manufacturing avoids waste and accelerates recycling. They are dedicated to not only having fun, but creating a world that was better than before they started. In fact, they have a closed-loop manufacturing process, which means all scraps from previous products are actually included in future ones!

What is a Cool Pool Float, Anyway?

If you are shopping for a pool float, chances are you want something that will express who you are while you are out on the water. It needs to be comfortable, flashy, colorful, and remind you of being in the pool.
Chances are, you’re not looking for the $3.50 solid color transparent plastic float that will pop about four minutes into your day on the water. If you are willing to spend a little extra and invest in something that will last and that benefits the environment, you can get some really awesome floats. For example, you can get an eight foot inflatable private jet, a flashy red sports car, a giant pair of flirty red lips, or a floating cabana that seats 4 adults comfortably complete with a roof and cup holders.
If you need something a little more low-key, a printed pattern on a solid background more traditional tube design may be more your speed. You can pick from one of several beachy or summery prints like fruits, palm trees, cacti, leopards, or tropical jungle scenes; complete your pool float’s look with background colors like sky blue, neon green, or hot pink!

In Summary

If you know where to look and you know what you want, finding a cool pool float is entirely possible. Find a way to express your personality and experience the freedom of floating this summer without breaking the bank or sacrificing your lifestyle or your desire to shop ethically. Relax and experience the true joy of your summer in a way that is sure to lessen your anxiety. You don’t have to just jump into the deep end to enjoy your pool; grab a cool float and get a tan!

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