What Are Eternal Roses?

So, maybe you’ve seen social media posts from some of your favorite celebrities talking about eternal roses and wondered what they are, what makes them special, and if they really live up to the hype. After all, there’s no way that real roses can last more than a couple of weeks, right? Well, that’s no longer the case thanks to eternal roses. So if you’re looking for beautiful flowers that cost a pretty penny but don’t seem to last very long, then you definitely need to check out eternal roses.

What Are Eternal Roses?

Eternal roses have totally revolutionized the way that we think about flowers. Everyone loves getting flowers. And sure, they look and smell great for one week, maybe two weeks max. It seems like they start to wilt almost right away and then you have to throw them away! I don’t know about you, but it makes me really sad to have to throw away flowers that were once so beautiful. So what if there was a way to make real roses last way longer than just one week? Believe it or not, the new iPhone isn’t the best product that has come out in recent years – eternal roses are.

How Are Eternal Roses Made?

I’m sure you have a ton of questions now about eternal roses and how it’s actually possible for them to last up to one year instead of just one week. And while it might seem like magic, it’s actually a very tailored and fascinating process. The process starts with real roses that are brought in from Ecuador since they are some of the largest rose varieties available. Usually, the roses are red but that doesn’t mean that they will end up being red! This is because bleach is then used to remove the natural color of the roses – but don’t worry, it’s not toxic and totally safe along with the rest of the ingredients in the preservation process.


After being bleached, the now-colorless roses undergo a dehydration process. During this step, the flowers are injected with natural oils and a special wax formula similar to silica that is non-toxic and non-allergenic to make the flowers look absolutely pristine. Finally, the last step is bringing back color to the roses through a variety of different colored dye options. At the end of all of this, you are left with beautiful, vibrant, long-lasting roses that look just like the ones you can buy from the store or a regular florist but will last exponentially longer!  

Why Buy Eternal Roses?

Even though we have touched on some of the benefits of eternal roses already, you still might need convincing. Overall, if you are looking for the most bang for your buck when it comes to floral arrangements – eternal roses are where it’s at. There’s no other way that you can buy a live flower once a year and have it last that entire time! And despite what you may think, eternal roses do not require a ton of maintenance to last the entire year, either. So if you are looking to knock your gift-giving game completely out of the park, then you need to go with eternal roses. Your significant other, mom or other loved one will continue to get joy and happiness out of your gift for the maximum amount of time. So instead of your lovely floral gift lasting for just one week, it will last 52 times longer than that and provide 52 times as much appreciation, comfort, and cheer. In this case, the choice is clear – eternal roses are definitely the way to go if you’re trying to give a meaningful gift.

Types of Eternal Roses

Instead of just being a boring and simplistic floral arrangement, eternal roses come in so many different varieties and also offer the ability to be customized to perfectly fit the recipient or the occasion! You can choose anything from a single rose to up to 150 roses. You can also choose your box or base to fit your room design. You can even choose to write out a message or create a special design in the roses. Plus, they come in several different colors that are bound to please everyone from your wife to your mother-in-law, to your sister. Here are just a few of the colors you can choose from: red, blush, hot pink, plum, mint green, champagne, gold, baby blue, aqua, lilac, yellow and more. With all these different options available, you are easily able to tailor your eternal roses to any person or any occasion like a baby shower, wedding, or dinner party.


Eternal roses are the best product on the floral market right now. The quality and durability of these roses are unmatched. The beauty and smell are long-lasting and provide you with a no-brainer gift idea for anyone on your list.

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