How Does an Aviator Watch Work?

If you have a love (or dare I say…obsession) for watches, then by now it is certain you have heard of Aviator watches. Afterall, Aviator watches are extremely popular for their significant history and sharp legibility. The name, aviator watch (or pilot watch) was given to it because of its close link with the aviation industry and the functions it performed for them. Aviator watches were first designed by Louis Cartier to help out his aviator friend, Alberto Santos-Dumont, in 1904. Then, its technological features were quite simple.

As the aviation industry flourished, there was also a change in variety of designs and features added to the watch. Both the World Wars played a prominent role in the advancements of aviator watches. It was used by pilots to perform certain mathematical calculations during the flight.

Where Aviator watches were once for pilots, nowadays, aviator watches are staple pieces, and investments to many. They provide a great value to its holder in many ways. These watches are phenomenal choices for people who have a need for traveling (or just showing off – face it, everyone wants to show off an Aviator). Its dual-time readability and navigation just tops the charm and eloquence; but it’s design and functionality is what makes it one of the most sought after watches on the market.

Functions & Working of Aviator Watches:

In the past, aviator watches were just a cockpit instrument. But as they have transversed into the modern age, they have intelligently evolved their designs and functions. Not only do aviator watches come in many styles; they are widely known for their ability to function in ways typical watches do not..

Some of the working features of aviator watches are:

Readable Dial

Whether you are having a busy day in the office or spending a night at a beach vacation resort located on an island in another country, time matters. And sometimes the faster you can look at the time the better. After all, who likes to waste time in an office or on vacation.This is the advantage Aviator watches have because of the size of the dial. Though sleek, its dial is huge with eye-catching colors that make it easy to read (even in the dark).

Triangular Orientation

In addition to the size of the dial and the contrasting designs, aviator watches also came up with a trademark triangular mark at the top. This is situated at the upper part of the dial (12 o’clock). Its primary function is to increase readability and make your watch look elegant and eye-catching, even from a distance – and most people can tell an Aviator watch from at least 2 feet away. The contrasting red mark makes sure that it catches the attention of everyone in the room; but mostly you when it comes time to tell time.


When you are driving a car during the night and have to be in a place on time, how many times do you look at the time? And yes, while the dash may have the time, you find yourself looking at every means of time there is. Have you ever turned the car light on to look at your watch? Well, with an Aviator watch you don’t have to turn on alight. Thanks to its luminous design, the dials and hands on the watch automatically glow in dim conditions. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a car or a dim room, your watch will never disappoint you.

Accurate Timekeeping

Not only do these watches tell time, it also functions as a timekeeping device. Some designs of aviator watches include a multifunctional stopwatch that can measure and record the elapsed time accurately and precisely. These watches usually enclose a chronometer that increases its accuracy and prevents it from getting faulty. So, you will not have to worry about replacing your watch anytime soon.

A Feasible Crown

There is nothing worse than having to change the time on a watch and have to twist that small crown on the side of the watch (especially  if you have to rest your watch when you have  traveled to another time zone). No worries, most aviator designs come with huge onion or diamond shaped crowns that provide you accessibility and convenience at your fingertips. Don’t you just love how manly something as simple as a crown on a watch can make you feel? Size really does matter!

Slide Rule Bezel

The slide bezel is a mechanical calculator fitted inside some aviator watches. It comprises two scales. The first is a fixed scale situated on the dial. And the second is a rotating scale attached inside the dial. The slide rule bezel helps you to perform simple mathematical functions and conversions.

Aside from that, the tiny bezel marks also make your watch look stylish and diverse. And adds a little bit of flavor to its exotic dial.

GMT (Dual Time) Functions

Some like to have a dual time or GMT indicator on their watches. This function helps them to track multiple time zones at one time (especially when traveling and desires to keep up with time at home). The dual-time aviator watches include a third hand in their dial, that completes its rotation every 24 hours. This can help you to fixate a designated time, especially when you’re moving between different time zones for short periods of time or work with others who are in different time zones.


Despite the time it has spent on the market, aviator watches manage to work their charm on people and have remained a popular option when people are purchasing watches. This is because of their insightful history, elegant designs, functionality, and capabilities. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a watch enthusiast or just a mundane traveler, the varieties and styles provided by aviator watches can make it really difficult for you to choose your perfect watch because it is not about buying one, but wanting to buy them all!.

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