Why Wearing Blue Light Glasses Is Important

With the advent of the smartphone, our lives changed in numerous ways.  Using our devices allows us to keep connected like never before.  Numerous methods of contact are available right in the palms of our hands.  From texting, calling, messaging, and commenting, we are never out of anyone’s loop, and incidentally, no one is ever out of ours.  Smartphones allow us to find information quickly, immediately, and on the fly.  Whether good or bad, our devices aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, and as such, we are left to deal with some of the unintended consequences of prolonged handheld electronic device use. 

One of those unintended consequences is exposure to blue light.  Blue light, or high energy visible light, is part of the visible light spectrum.  Unlike other visible light, however, blue light has the ability to penetrate deep into our eyes and affect our retina’s health.  When our retinas are damaged, the cellular damage can resemble the damage that occurs during macular degeneration. 

Blue light is emitted from our smartphones and other devices we use on a regular basis like computers, and LED television screens and monitors.  While we do receive some blue light exposure from the sun, the amount of blue light that is most prominent in our lives and most damaging comes from the devices we hold dear.  As stated earlier, the chances of us ditching our devices is slim, so we have to find a solution to the blue light issue.  That solution is wearing blue light readers

Is Blue Light Actually Harmful?

We get it, you’re skeptical.  We were too, until we started experiencing some uncomfortable computer and smartphone related issues.  Eye strain, discomfort, redness, and irritation from staring at a blue light screen is enough to make anyone put down the phone for a rest. 

Another common side effect from blue light exposure is blurred vision and inability to focus on onscreen text or images.  At first you might think these issues are related to aging or changes in vision that require corrective lenses or an eye exam.  While that may be true on occasion, the problem could simply be that you are exposed to too much blue light and should wear a pair of blue light readers. 

Tension headaches and neck and shoulder pain are also very common issues experienced by people exposed to blue light for extended periods of time.  Because we tend to lean forward, hunch over, and curve our necks to get a better view of our screens when we feel like our eyes cannot see that on which we are focusing, we begin to experience chronic pain in these areas.  While we may be tempted to seek out medical care or simply take copious amounts of pain relievers, we can probably alleviate a lot of the problem simply by wearing blue light readers. 

Are Blue Light Readers Really Useful?

Yes, blue light readers are extremely useful.  Ninety percent of the discomfort we experience by being exposed to blue light from our devices and computers can be virtually eliminated simply by wearing specialized blue light filtering glasses. 

These glasses have lenses which collect and scatter blue light emitted from our devices.  They do not affect how we see our computer or device screens or our other surroundings (you won’t experience any tint of color while wearing them), but they effectively remove damaging blue light rays from reaching our retinas and damaging our vision.  Additionally, users report that wearing blue light readers has eliminated their need to take as many vision related breaks and have allowed them to work more efficiently and without the pain of eye strain, neck and shoulder issues, or tension headaches. 

While blue light readers are not corrective lenses, they are available for users who need both vision correction and blue light protection.  However most blue light readers are perfect for readers who have 20/20 vision and simply need the protection they can provide. 

Even device users who have not actively experienced side effects of blue light exposure can benefit from the use of blue light readers.  It’s never too soon or too late to start wearing them and protecting your eyes from harmful blue light.  Available in numerous frames and sizes, you can absolutely find a pair that matches your style perfectly.  In fact, you might find several pairs for every style and mood that you have. 

Blue light can be extremely damaging to your overall eye health, and can also produce side effects that range from eye strain and discomfort to tension headaches that can sideline you for an entire day.  For anyone that uses a computer or smartphone, wearing a pair of high quality blue light readers should not even be optional.  Protecting your eye health is important, and as we daily delve further into our addiction to electronics the need for blue light readers to protect our eyes will increase.  

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