Why your clothes matter to your workout

Whether you believe the workout attire you wear enhances your performance or not, your clothes do matter. With so much technology, different looks, and style, it is hard to overlook the importance of clothing. A minor detail could result in an uptick of performance or enhancement in recovery, all vital to results. Some critical components on why clothes matter to a workout that should be reviewed are the elements of increased performance, recovery, how the clothes make you feel, and technology. 

Performance Driven Results

Innovation has caught up to clothing, and society is starting to take notice. Just like in your home, where technology can be used to control your lighting or turn on Bluetooth to connect to your smart device, clothing has similar capabilities. Now we are not saying your workout shorts can turn on your lights for you, but I would be interested if they could. Currently, the technology that is changing the workout clothes game is focused on performance-enhancing qualities. Elements such as length of the clothing, types of fabric, and breathable attributes built into the material are some key features. These innovations have been researched and proven to provide enhanced performance to an individual’s workout. Imagine going for a three-mile run in denim shorts; this would lead to some unfortunate results, including some nasty rashes. It is essential to have the right tool for the job, and the correct attire can make a world of difference in your results. 


Recovery is so vital to the results one looks for when physical fitness is the goal. If the muscles are not given the proper recovery or recovery time, they cannot begin to progress and grow. Some clothing, including socks, workout shorts, and shirts, have compression capabilities, which promotes blood flow and actively helps with recovery while the workout is happening. This technology can be life-changing when it is evident how your results are improving and how you feel energized and motivated to continue pushing yourself to new goals. Compression helps to promote proper oxygen flow throughout the workout. After the workout is complete, it maintains the process of proportionately delivering oxygen to one’s muscles supporting with lactic acid build-up. 

Do The Clothes Make you? 

Has the thought ever passed through your mind that if your clothes make you feel good, it could navigate your workout goals? Those new workout shorts with the perfect blend of fabric, a high cut above the knee ready to be tested to your extremes. For me, If I feel good about how I look, it transfers over to my results. Clothing can be a driving force in achieving your fitness goals in many ways. Specific name brands, looks, colors, and technology can make an impression on your head-space. Going into a workout feeling as if they look good with quality workout attire, and from this a positive mental fortitude, there is no limit on what can be achieved. 


We are so fortunate to have such a plethora of technology and innovation available to us on a daily basis. Now more than ever, the importance of personal hygiene coexists with physical fitness. Some of the modern science behind our workout clothes has introduced the anti-microbial element into the fabric we use every day. This cutting-edge modification prevents harmful bacterias from forming and potentially eliminating viruses that may attach itself to the clothing. In the past, prior to having this type of science in our clothing, one could be at risk of contracting something without ever knowing the harm that comes from perspiration build-up. After an intense workout, sometimes the clothes don’t always get washed immediately, sitting in your sweat for several hours, potentially growing bacteria that could be dangerous. One would not be the wiser. This innovation puts a stop to these elements and helps keep our hygiene and health in check. Another newer introduction into workout attire is a moisture-wicking function that promotes the perspiration being pulled from the individual through the clothing to the outside so it can evaporate at a quicker speed. This keeps the body temperature lower while in the process and also helps the clothing remain dry during a workout, enhancing performance and feel. 

When it comes down to performance, the clothes you choose make a difference. Whether it be a four-way stretch t-shirt allowing full movement and no constriction or the moisture-wicking shorts that promote hygiene and increased results, take the time and effort to put forth a quality decision. It is best to find out what works best for your particular body type and track your results so you can see the change. When setting high fitness goals, it is essential to do everything in your power to help your body achieve its full potential. Making the informed and educated decision on what clothing you choose to tackle that intense workout could be the difference in achieving your goals or not. 

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