What You Need to Know about HALO Engagement Rings

What are HALO Engagement Rings?

A HALO Engagement Ring is a type of ring accustomed to a halo setting around the center gem. Basically, it consists of a large center diamond or stone and is surrounded by a cluster of smaller diamonds. Normally, this type of setting is used in diamond rings to increase their shine and brilliance, which complements the heavy center stone and make it look more radiant and not overshadowing the beauty of the center stone.

Advantages of a HALO Setting:

–     The biggest appeal of a well-crafted halo setting is that it makes the center stone appear larger (every woman loved that!).

–     It accentuates the beauty of the ring by adding more shine and brilliance to its structure.

–     It does the work of hiding the prongs, so the diamond is more pronounced.

–     In the case of differently colored stones, it adds a bit of contrast to the entire ring. This makes it look more elegant.

–     HALO engagement rings have more variety and are filled with intricate and eye-catching designs.

–     They may seem much more expensive, but they add quality and brilliance to your ring in an affordable way.

Disadvantages of a HALO Setting:

–     The biggest disadvantage of halo engagement rings comes over time. A lot of the surrounding diamonds can fall off the ring and are often needing to be re-pronged. This can alter the symmetric beauty of your engagement ring.

–     HALO engagement rings have a complex design, which makes it challenging to resize it in the future if you decide to upgrade your center stone. 

Things You Should Know:

Halo engagement rings come in different styles and shapes, therefore, it is important to know about their qualities and attributes.

  1. Number of HALOs

The number of halos also differ according to your requirement. You can add double or triple halos to add more value to your engagement ring. These additional halos accumulate around the center diamond.

Double halo includes a second surrounding layer of small diamonds, whereas triple halo includes three layers of complimenting diamonds. Each row creates the illusion of a bigger diamond at the center.

  1. Different Shapes

Halo engagement rings are often thought to be only round, but that is not always the case. Their center shape is somewhat different from the regular rings. A halo setting can be combined with any sort of cut shape, these are:

  •     Princess Cut
  •     Round Cut
  •     Oval Cut
  •     Pear Cut
  •     Emerald Cut
  •     Asscher Cut
  •     Cushion Cut
  •     Marquise Cut

Halos look good on all types of diamond and gem shapes. The choice is up to you and your preference for an engagement ring.

  1. The Shank

The shank is an important part of halo engagement rings. It adds to the overall look of the ring and increases its style and texture. HALO engagement rings can be combined with different types of shanks, ranging in shape and thickness.

You can also check out rings with little diamonds embedded on its shank. They add extra value to your ring and gives it a textured and lustrous look.

Another way of adding shine and sparkle to your halo engagement rings is to try one with split shank. Because of its two split bands, it adds a sense of extra security and charm to your engagement ring.

  1. Flush vs. Floating

Halo settings are further divided into two types; flush and floating halo settings.

A flush halo setting is where the center stone is connected directly with the halo. On the other hand, a floating halo setting is the one in which the center stone is supported above the halo by prongs. This creates an area of space between the halo and the center stone.

The question of which to choose depends on your liking and preference. There are many options to choose from. Many people prefer the seamless flushed look on their ring, whereas, others love the idea of a spacy prong between the halo and the center.

  1. Prong vs. Bezel

Another design element that helps us understand different HALO engagement rings is the clash between prong and bezel style setting. Both of these have the same job, to hold the center in place. But are preferred differently because of their different style statements.

Prong settings include small, claw-like metal pieces that attach the center stone to the halo setting. Whereas, bezel settings include smoothly carved metal pieces that cover the sides of the individual diamonds. Both are great options if you’re looking to buy halo engagement rings. 

After taking into account all the pros and cons of halo engagement rings, it is safe to say that its pro far outweigh the cons. It gives a romantic and eye-catching look at an affordable rate. The best part is It can increase the quality of your diamond and make it look bigger.

So, if you’re looking for some extra shine and sparkle to give the perfect piece to your fiancée, then a HALO engagement ring is the choice for you.

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