A Parent’s Guide to Ensure the First Holy Communion for Your Kids is Successful

Holy Communion is among the major ways people encounter Jesus. The preparation for the first Holy Community is vital when it comes to religious education programs.

It offers a solid foundation for your participation in the church. As a parent, you need to ensure your kids encounter the presence of Jesus Christ in the Sacrament.

While you might not know where to start, especially when you have kids with special needs, the following are some of the ways to ensure their first Holy Communion goes smoothly:

1.      Buy the Right Attire

Your role as a parent is to concentrate on buying the right clothes and accessories for your kids. Most of the lessons will be learned in the class, but only you may ensure the right dressing code is achieved.

Some churches may give you specific guidelines for the dressing code. However, you can speak to their teachers for more details.

Normally, the right dressing code for girls may include a white first communion dress, which falls below their knees and is age-appropriate. The dresses can be accompanied by a flower crown, headband, or white veil.

2.      Concentrate on Sacraments and Model Reverence

First holy communions are exciting times. There will be gifts, the pageantry, a party being planned, and gatherings.

However, ensure that your kids are not too caught up with the gifts and at the party. It is natural and normal for kids to concentrate on such things, but ensure you remind them to focus on their first sacraments.

3.      Reinforce the Mass with Literature

Your kids might not understand the Mass well, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they will not be able to part in their own level and way with everything happening.

There are many Mass books for kids available to teach children about the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist in engaging and fun ways. So consider having two or three books for your kids to read before their first Holy Communion.

If you also bring Mass books for your children to read during the celebration, ensure it is a kid’s missal or other catechesis books.

4.      Prepare their Heart

As you teach your kids about the way of Christ and the church teaching, you might as well want to inspire them how to love.

The same way Christ used parables to offer teachings should be the same way to read stories so as to inspire your kids. For instance, Catholic Heritage Curricula is a great resource full of stories, which prepare the heart of your kids for their first Holy Communion and Confession.

5.      Encourage Them to Go to Church Every Sunday

As a parent, you may teach your kids how special, important, and beautiful it is to receive the divinity, soul, blood, and body of Jesus in the Eucharist.

If receiving Christ in the First Holy Communion is special and wonderful, then you need to encourage your kids to go to church and receive the Eucharist every Sunday.

To Wrap-Up!

First Communion is basically a momentous and holy occasion, and celebrating the day with friends and family is special for your kids. Just sharing the moment will be a perfect gift to give to your kids.

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